7. ANDORA spa

The Spa in Andorra – Experience Tranquility

After a long day skiing, mountain biking, horseback riding or doing any other physical activity that Andorra offers you can indulge in Caldea Thermal Spa, Europe’s largest. This magnificent structure looks like an avant-garde cathedral from the exterior, spectacular and soothing in the interior.

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The water bubbling up from the 35 springs in this region is considered among the hottest in the Pyrenees.  All Caldea’s aquatic activities depend on this naturally hot water, rich in minerals, sodium and sulphur, with the unique feel due to thermal  plankton. Its properties have analgesic, healing, decongestant and antiallergic effects.

A channel leads from a largest pool outside the building, which is where you can enjoy this luxurious experience. Every night there’s a laser light show in the main room, where you can watch from the comfort of the pool’s edge. The theme is inspired by the creation of our planets or the universe. It’s worth catching.

caldea spa

A new way of enjoying thermal water

Thermal leisure is a unique concept offering the discovery of the pleasures and benefits of natural thermal water through fun and wellness.  Guests to Caldera enjoy:

  • the Aztec bath with currents, surrounded by a tropical garden,
  • the grapefruit bath, in a Japanese garden, which exfoliates and softens the skin,
  • the Hammam to appreciate the purifying action of steam,
  • the comforting bath in a Zen atmosphere,
  • the outdoor Jacuzzis and the private solarium,
  • the water beds, the real pleasure of relaxation and escape,
  • the aquatic bar and its Gaudí-inspired terrace.

Relaxation is essential in order to enjoy the benefits of Caldea after bathing and fitness sessions, and infrared services and sunbathing is encouraged.

Ice water room

Here, a machine drops chunks of ice from the ceiling, which fall on a slide and make their way down into pools of water where they melt. Given the shallow depth of the pools, they’re for your feet.  An adjacent room features a deeper pool of cold water.

Relish your spa, you are in Andorra!