Everything You Didn’t Know About

Tour De France

1. Until the 1960s, it was common for participants to drink alcohol during the race to numb the pain. It was banned later because it was considered a stimulant
2. In the 20’s the riders would often share cigarettes while riding. It was believed to help “open the lungs”
3. The 1926 Tour de France edition was the longest route in history totaling 3,570 miles
4. The most stages won by a single rider at the Tour de France is 34 by Eddie Merckx
5. The Tour de France is more popular than the American Super Bowl And The Summer Olympics
6. over 12 million spectators line the route each year making it the largest sporting event in the world
7. in 1929 there were only 10 finishers,the least of all times
8. Prior to 1937, riders had to get off their bikes to switch gears
9. the total prize money awarded for the entire race is $4.3 millions
10. Around 3.5 billion people watch Tour de France on television each year
11. In the early years there were 14 rest days instead of two
12. The most days any cyclist has spend wearing the leaders yellow jersey is 96, held by Eddie Merckx
13. The first winner was Maurice Garin.
14. In 1904 Maurice Garin won but was disqualified, because he was caught taking train in the Alps
15. the winner receives cash prize of $609.525. The tradition is that winners split money evenly with each of their teammates
16. The average cyclist will burn 123,900 calories for the entire race
17. In 1919 the average speed was 14.9 mph
18. The fastest average speed was 25.7 mph
19. Four riders have died while competing in Tour de France
20. The first in 1903 had only 6 stages and 70 entrants.
21. Over 188 countries around the world broadcast the Tour de France
22. There are 4,700 hours of TV coverage annually
23. 2,000 journalists representing dozens of nationalities attend the Tour every year
24. 30% of spectators are women
25. It’s estimated it brought £88m to the south-east economy
26. During the three-week challenge, riders combined can wear out a total of 792 tires.

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