Take Advantage of Ribasol Resort Special Offer

Ribasol Resort offers a very attractive package deal for your entire cycling team during the summer of 2016 including the extremely busy 2016 Tour de France period.

This special is available at only $40 per day per room in double occupancy. A small cleaning fee of $25 per week per room will be in addition.
Offer is valid for one to two weeks stay.

One week stay in this newest, modern and most suitable for cyclists studios at Ribasol Resort will cost you $152,50 per team member.


All these are yours when you stay at Ribasol Resort:

  • Roomy Elevator – Big enough to take your bikes with you.
  • Private Storage – Keep your bikes, with you. Never wait in line to pick up your equipment from public storage.
  • Your Own Washer and Dryer – Always have fresh clothing without having to leave your apartment.
  • Modern Kitchenette and Dining Area – prepare your own meals.
  • Free dedicated parking space.


Biking in Andorra will take your breath away.  Each park is a vista that you will never forget.

Safety comes first so experienced ski stations analyze and prepare routes that guarantee a heart pounding ride while giving you complete confidence.

Soldeu Andorra is the bike park by which all others are judged. It’s the largest and most scenic in the Pyrenees and provides you with all forms including MTB descent, freeride, enduro, cross-country and rallying.

Want to experience a heart pounding bike ride down the same slopes that you enjoy skiing down in winter? You have come to the right place. Andorra has two sensational MTB facilities: the parks in Soldeu Grandvalira and the Vallnord-La Massana. With more than 14 tracks at each location you can practice every cycling discipline including: cross-country, four-cross, and wood-park.

Each of these memorable locations provide a wide range of services including a highly-qualified staff, technical training, and service areas.


Want more?

Vallnord is one of two spectacular resorts for which Andorra has become a magnet for mountain bikers. You’ll marvel at its 20 carefully laid out specific trails. Gravity takes over to propel you down the slopes. Riders, be prepared with 6 inch travel bikes, knee-pads and full-face helmets.

Not an experienced biker? Don’t worry. Vallnord caters to all levels. You will be completely confident as you journey the incredibly well marked and graded trails – unsurpassed by any bike park in Europe. The ‘bike patrol’ crew is on the mountain daily to ensure your safety and be certain that that no one gets lost.

Andorra is much more than just a resort. Andorra is world renowned for its biking competition hosting the World Cup MTB downhill and cross country trials in 2008, 2009, 2013 and the World UCI MTB Championship in 2015! The bike park at Vallnord has attracted world famous sporting events such as the Maxiavalanche Europ’ Cup and the UCI MTB & Trials World Championship.

Experience its descent, four cross and wood park tracks. Have kids? Introduce them to the world of biking in the specially designed children’s park.

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