Did you know that one of the best European schools of skiing is in Andorra?


Three out of six best skiing resorts on the Pyrenees are in ‘tiny’ Andorra, compared to its ‘giant’ neighbors France and Spain.

So what does Andorra has to offer to the skiing fans?

  • 303 km (188 mi) of runs
  • 109 ski lifts
  • 6 snowparks
  • 1,415 snow canons
  • 650 instructors

skiing on on now at winter season in Andorra

The Pyrenees has stayed in the shadow of the Alps for so long on the European map of winter destinations. Andorra with Europe’s finest ski centers has two skiing ‘regions’:

  • Grandvalira – With 210 km (130 mi) of ski runs it covers the biggest part of Andorran skiing offer. It’s situated on the eastern part of the country, has 118 slopes, 4 competition stadiums, 3 freestyle arenas, El Tarter Snowpark, Xavi Grau Roig Snowpark, at night there is El Peretol Snowpark, one permanent boardercross at Pas de la Casa, 3 children’s snow circuits at El Tarter and Grau Roig and 64 lifts.
  • Vallnord – A family oriented northern part of the country is consisted of three ski resorts: Arcalis, Arinsal and Pal. The skiable area is around 442 Ha, there are slopes of 30 km (18 mi), 25 ski runs, 5 slalom and 2 International Ski Federation trails, one freestyle area, one boarder cross, one woodpark and a circuit for children.



Skiing in Andorra is perfect both for professionals and beginners. For beginners there are awarded English speaking skiing school, seven in Grandvalira and three in Vallnord. If you want to try more than just skiing, Andorra is full of other winter activities:

  • Besides ‘traditional’ ways of skiing such as cross-country skiing, snowshoe trails or snow-mobile rides, you can try mushing – a sledge drawn by a team of dogs or speed riding – a combination of skiing and hand-gliding.
  • For daredevils and adventurous people there is a ‘heliexperience’ – a unique offer where skier is carried by a helicopter to the top of the mountain offering them a unique skiing experience of skiing back down over the untouched snow of the Pyrenees.
  • Other winter adventures include snow biking, airboard – a dirigible air mattress to slide down head first, sledge rides in a specially delimited area and many other.


When you get tired of snow and skiing (if that is even possible) Andorra has a lot more to offer:

  • ‘All tax-free shopping leads to Andorra’ – a unique tax-free system made Andorra a shopping paradise with more than 1000 outlet stores allowing you to shop for all those famous brands.
  • Catalan cuisine – the best way to keep your strength is to try some of the unique Andorran dishes, a mixture of tradition, Catalan local food and French and Spanish influence.
  • Romanesque architecture – one of the most preserved in Europe, with lots of churches and buildings, a unique mountainous architecture you will find only in Andorra.



Andorra offers many room options for you to choose from. Ribasol Ski Resort in Vallnord, is the newest and most modern ski resort in the country of Andorra.

Ribasol Ski Resort Andorra

  • Room prices are much lower than any other resort of it’s equivalent.
  • A chair lift is right in front of your studio so you won’t lose time on needless walks.
  • There is also a private storage room for your skis.
  • Elevators designed to hold your skis.
  • Each studio has their own kitchenette and laundry so you can feel that warm atmosphere of home and relax.
  • Ribasol is close to the capital Andorra la Vella, only 6 km (3 mi) and the city of Arinsal – The “Times Square” of Andorra
  • Every room has its own dedicated parking space.
  • Modern comfortable studios with three and two bed apartments.

Ribasol Ski Resort Andorra 21

If you are willing to try something new, Andorra is waiting for you. Squeezed between Spain and France, this pearl of the Pyrenees has a lot to offer to snow lovers and the best way is to come and see for yourself!

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