Andorra traditional food

What can be a national dish in a county where almost nothing grows?

Can a small country like Andorra have a cuisine of its own? What do Andorrans eat? Andorran cuisine is an example of tradition adapted to mountains cuisine.

First of all, let me introduce you to the Andorran cuisine that really exists, believe it or not. Andorran cuisine is a branch of Catalan cuisine, only a bit influenced by French, Spanish and harsh terrain of Andorran Pyrenees. So what do Andorrans call their national dish – it’s ’escudella i carn d’olla’, or simply escudella. It is a traditional soup or stew characterized by a very big meatball spiced with celery, cabbage, carrots, garlic and parsley, bones and botifarras sausages. Since of the mountainous region most common meat is a sheep meat, but also pork meat can be found.



Escargots, or ’cargols’ in Catalan is perhaps the second national dish of Andorra. They are usually served plain. Another common dish in Andorra is Foie Gras, a duck or goose liver dish as well as Xai, or roasted lamb. Trinxat is mainly a dish found in regions around the Pyrenees. It is made from potatoes, cabbage and pork meat. The name in Catalan means ’chopped’.Truites de carreroles’ is a special Andorran omelet made with mushrooms.

trinxat_col_patata_cansalada copy


Andorrans like to eat bread. They have a ’protocol’ for eating bread. First of all it’s served with halved tomatoes which you use to rub on the bread, and sometimes even garlic, you put some salt and you eat. You can also drizzle olive oil over the bread.

Bread with tomatoes in Andorra


’Coca’ or ’coques’ is a traditional Catalan sweet cake also found in Andorran cuisine.

coca-de-st-joan, in Andorra


Out of non-alcoholic beverages in Andorra you will find a Catalan drink ’granizado’ which basically is made from various liquids in which you add crushed ice and blend it until it becomes a thick pure. As for alcoholic drinks probably the most famous are Andorran wines, but beer and other hard liquors are becoming popular.



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